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MINOL has it’s unique traditional aroma because it’s made from natural herb which are proven to have best effect in healing and drying wounds.

MINOL is new formulation development in healing wound that has advantages:
  • - Proven that MINOL is different from other wound healing medicines. Treatment with MINOL do not cause any pains when we apply it to the wound because MINOL formulated in the form of oil. Minol is very good for kids because they will not feel traumathic pain when using MINOL
  • - By using MINOL the bandage will not stick to the wound so it does not cause pain. We will also feel more comfortable when we replace the bandage. Therefore, MINOL is also suitable for circumcision and will faster for recovery the wound
Effective for:
  • - Heal any skin wounds such as blisters, burns, burns caused by hot water, bruises, swellings
  • - Relieve stiff muscles and sprain
  • - Heal wounds without scar
Direction of use : The usage of MINOL is practical, only by applying, rubbing or compressing it at hurting areas

  • - Bottle @ 5 ml
  • - Bottle @ 15 ml
  • - Bottle @ 30 ml
Registration Number: POM TR. 082 687 331

Description of Ingredients:
  • Curcuma Rhizome is root of Curcumae domestica Val. It contains active substances like curcumin, desmethoxy curcumin, bidesmethoxy curcumin, that has function as local or systematic anti inflammation. Besides that turmeric volatile oil has anti bacteria to E. Coli and anti fungus to Candida albicans
  • Kaempferiae Rhizome is root of Kaempferia galangal L. It contains volatile oil and essence that used as external medicines for brushed, swollen and stiff. This yield rhizome submersion in alcohol can be used for massaging foot sprained, stretching out stiff muscles and warming up muscles
  • Oleum Eucalypti is volatile oli of Melaleuca leucadendra L. It contains volatile oil, cineol, and terpineol that has function as external medicine for recovery stiff foot muscles and any skin wounds
  • Benzoe Sumatra is resin of Styrax benzoin Dryand. It contains volatile oil, benzoe acid and cinnamic acid, vanillin, coniferyl benzoat, resin (benzoresinol dan benzoresinotannol), benzoic acid, styrol and styracin that used for blister, burn and cuts
  • Persicae Semen is seed of Prunus persica ( L. ) Batsch. It contains amygdalin, emulsin, oleic acid, glyceric acid, linoleic acid which has function as external medicine for anti infection and analgesic ( to reduce painful )
  • Draconis Resina is resin of Daemonorops draco Bl. It contains dracoresenotanol, dracoalban, draco resene, phlobaphen, dracorhodin, dracorubine and pimarate acid that has function as external medicine for recovery any skin wound such as blister and brushed, also used for analgesic


Curcumae Rhizoma 20 %
Kaempferiae Rhizoma20 %
Oleum Eucalypti10 %
Benzoe Sumatra15 %
Persicae Semen15 %
Draconis Resina15 %