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  • Natural Way to Avoid Surgery

Hemorrhoids is the abnormality around anus as the result of veins expansion which often cause swelling around anus. Dilated (enlarged) veins in the wall of anus and sometimes around the rectum is usually caused by untreated constipation but is occasionally associated with chronic diarrhea. The symptoms start with bleeding after defecation. If it is untreated, hemorrhoids can worsen, protruding from the anus

Indications of hemorrhoids are:
  • - Swelling followed by itches and pains around anus which sometimes bleeds
  • - Pain and stiffness around waist
Effective for: Relieve hemorrhoid

  • - Children (above 12 years of age) : 1 caplet three times a day
  • - Adult : 2 caplets three times a day
Cautions: During treatment, it is advised not to consume hot food, goat meat and astringent food

Package: Box, 10 Strips @ 6 Caplets @ 750mg

Registration Number: POM TR 082 584 471

Description of Ingredients:
  • Graptophylli Folium contains of active compounds such as alkaloid, glycoside steroid, saponins and tannin. Some studies have shown that the extract of Folium Graptophili can cure hemorrhoids, relieve the pain, heat and prevent it from hemorrhaging, etc. Folium Graptophilli can also totally cure hemorrhoid after 5 days to 2 months dosages. Besides, Folium Graptophilli can also decrease the contraction effect to the muscle so that it can reduce anus’ conspicuousness
  • Caricae Folium contains of alkaloid papain, carpaine, pseudocarpaine, glycoside carposide and saponin. Alkaloid solution of Caricae Folium has been known for its activity in decreasing the blood pressure and relaxing the muscle, which can help reducing hemorrhoid indications, especially if hemorrhaging happen and the anus is swollen


Graptophylli folium 450 mg
Caricae folium300 mg