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Sari Sehat Production

Capung Syrup Batuk

  • Natural Cough Medicine

SIRUP BATUK CAPUNG is made ​​of natural ingredients and processed with modern technology that makes it so efficacious and very effective for treating all types of cough. It is safe to consume without any side effects and very suitable for children since it doen't contain any chemicals material

Effective for: Relieve cough and respiratory relief

  • Adult: 1 (one) spoon, 3 times a day
  • Children: ½ (a half) spoon, 3 times a day
Package: Bottle @ 100 ml

Registration Number: POM TR. 082 684 481

Description of Ingredients:
  • The active compounds of Mentha arvensis L. are menthol, camphene, limonene, pinene and piperitone. The leaves and buds of the herb Mentha arvensis L. familia lamiaceae (Menthae Herba) have a fresh unique aroma, strong taste and cooling effect. Besides its unique taste, Menthae Herba are also able to relieve sore throat and cough
  • The active compounds of Glycyrrhiza glabra L ( Glycyrrizae Radix or Liquiritae Radix ) are glisirizin, saponin, liguirit, glicoside, asparagin, and liquiritae acid. Glisirizin as the main compound works to accelerate mucus secretion from throat therefore it was indicated as cough medicine and expectorant
  • The active compounds of Thymus vulgaris ( Thymi Herba ) are volatile oils : thymol, cymene, carvacrol, borneol, ɣ-terpinene, linalool; flavonoids : luteolin, apigenin, naringenine, thymonine; triterpene : ursolic acid, oleanolic acid. Thymus vulgaris is a bronchial anti spasmodic, an expectorant, and anti bacterial agent. In animal experiments, a spasmolytic effect was demonstrated for the flavone fraction and an expectorant effect on ciliary activity for the terpene


Menthae Herba Extract 25 ml
Glycyrrhizae Radix Extract 50 ml
Thymi Herba Extract 20 ml