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  • Natural Herbal Stimulant Laxative

BENLAXAN is classified as stimulant laxative. The stimulant laxatives increase the propulsive peristaltic activity of the intestine by local irritation off the mucosa or by a more selective action on the intramural nerve plexus of intestinal smooth muscle; thus increasing motility. Senna and Aloe vera are widely used and still regarded safe and effective as the stimulant laxatives

Effective for: Ease bowel movement

  • - Children (above 12 years of age) : 1 (one) capsule once a day before sleeping at night
  • - Adult : 2 (two) capsules once a day before sleeping at night
Cautions: It should not be consumed by pregnant, lactation women and children under 12 years old

Package: Box, 10 Strips @ 4 capsules @ 500 mg

Registration Number: PPOM TR. 082 377 341

Description of Ingredients:
  • Aloe Vera Extract contain Aloe anthranoids such as 1,8-dihydroxy-anthracene derivatives exert a laxative effect. The laxative action is due to anti-absorption osmotic properties. The compounds induce active secretion of electrolytes and water in the lumen of the bowel. Absorption of electrolytes and water from the colon is inhibited resulting in a volume increase. The volume increase of the bowel content leads to an increase in pressure and stimulates intestinal peristalsis
  • Senna Folium Extract is an anthranoid-type stimulating laxative. The laxative effect is realized by inhibition of water and electrolyte absorption from the large intestine, which increases the volume and pressure of the intestinal contents. This will stimulate colon motility resulting in propulsive contractions
  • Fructus Sophorae Extract: The active agent, rutin and its glycoside, quercetin, increases the permeability of the capillaries. Fructus Sophorae cools the blood and stop bleeding. Especially important for bleeding hemorrhoids and bloody dysentrial disorder
  • Caricae Folium Extract contains of alkaloid papain, carpaine, pseudocarpaine, glycoside carposide and saponin. As we know that alkaloid solution of Caricae Folium showed depression effect to blood pressure and muscle, then it can help to reduce hemorrhoids indications, especially if hemorrhaging happened and anus swollen


Aloe Vera Extract125 mg
Fructus Sophorae Extract125 mg
Senna Folium Extract75 mg
Caricae Folium Extract 75 mg