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Frequently Asked Questions

We have gathered and compiled some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) from previous contacts. Please have a look below to find available information that you might need before contacting us

Is it safe to consume MERIT for a long time ?
MERIT is HERBAL medicines that have been registered in FDA Indonesia since 1992 and has sold in the market starting in 1992 until now. Additionally Merit has gained recognition and trust from customers in the form of an award for the category of slimming: Indonesia Best Brand Award (IBBA) from 2006 to 2013 and TOP Brand from 2011 to 2013. The body slimming products that ever drawn / should not be sold are products that do not have a license from FDA Indonesia or use the fake numbers and the products contain chemicals dangerous drug because it contains chemicals that can damage the kidneys, liver, heart, intestines, etc.
FDA as the regulatory institution for medicine, cosmetics and food and beverage (pharmaceutical drugs, dietary supplements, traditional medicines / herbal / herbs, foods, beverages, consumer, etc.) that sold in Indonesia has been overseeing distribution of pharmaceutical drugs and traditional medicine by conducting surveillance strictly pre market (prior to shipping) and post-market (after market). So Merit safe for consumption. MERIT safely consumed regularly (in the long time) if taken according to the dosage listed in the packaging. MERIT made from 100% natural herbal ingredients with no added chemicals, so it is safe for consumption.
Is it true that MERIT causes diarrhea ?
MERIT works immediately in the digestive system and removes excess fat in the body. It works like forming a protective layer along the mucus membrane of the digestive system, therefore, accelerating the digestion process. The food and fat that are not absorbed by the digestive system, excreted through defecation. The digestive system reactions for each consumer that consuming Merit could be not same, so it may cause excessive bowel movements and often misunderstood to be diarrhea. To avoid this, for consumer that have highly sensitive digestive system, we advise to reduce the dose from 3 to 2 pills per day so MERIT remains comfortable to consume.
What's the differences of MERIT products ?
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How long Merit must be consumed to get its efficacy ?
Ther is no definite standard for this. It depends, because each person has different condition of metabolism, eating habit and sport activity. Most people will experience significant result within 1 - 2 months.
Do we need to continue consuming Merit even we have lost weight ?
We advise to consume Merit regularly to control and maintain your body shape.
How do we know whether Merit has worked or not ?
The defecation after consumin Merit, usually will be more in liquid. It indicated that Merit has worked effectively. This reaction sometimes has been misunderstood as diarrhea.
Can Merit be consumed together with other medicine ?
It is advised not to consume any kind of medicines together.
Why Merit must be consumed before sleeping ?
Suggestion to consume Merit before sleeping is based on the working time consideration of Merit's pill: 8 - 9 hours. Therefore, the reaction from the body will appear in the morning and will not disturb our daily activities.
Is Mediven safe to consume for lactation mother ?
MEDIVEN is an herbal product to treat the hemorrhoids. The mechanism of this product is soften the feces so avoid excessive straining which can worsen the hemorrhoids. Additionally MEDIVEN reduce inflammation and swelling in the anus, and also reducing pain. Therefore for lactation mothers, we suggest MEDIVEN could be consumed after the lactation period finished. MEDIVEN contained herbal ingredients that serve to soften the feces for the adult dose, it will cause adverse effects in infants as some drug / herb that consumed by lactation mothers will be issued with the milk.
What are the advantages of Minol compared with other wound medicine ?
  • Advantages of minol:
  • a. MINOL made from 100% safely herbs and no side effects
  • b. MINOL treatment will not felt pain on the wound and so easy to use especially for children
  • c. By using MINOL that made from oil, the bandage will not stick to the wound so it does not cause pain
  • d. Multifunctional medicine: cuts, blisters, bruises, burns, massage, sprains
  • e. Healing wounds without scar
  • Can a diabetic patient consume Capung Herbal Pastilles ?
    Capung Herbal Pastilles is safe to consume by diabetic patient because it is made from sugar-free ingredients and 100% herbs.
    Why is Capung Herbal Pastilles special ?
    Unlinke the other products, Capung Herbal Pastilles is not only a candy or ordinary pastilles but it also gives a good health effect to our body. Capung Herbal Pastilles has a very special herbs scent and it is good for cough, itchy throat, hoarse, raspy and to reduce less pleasant breath. For beginners, it is recommended to try just an item before hand to get a sense of a distinctive and fresh herbs as well as the great benefits of Capung Herbal Pastilles.
    What is a herb (jamu) ?
    Jamu is a product of natural ingredients from Indonesia whcih is used to maintain health, prevent disease, treatment of disease, health restoration, fitness, and also beauty. This natural ingredients are legacy headed down by Indonesian ancestors who have special knowledge about how to make use of natural raw materials for medical treatment and it is used since a long time ago (centuries).
    What's the difference between jamu (herb) and modern medicines ?
    The most obvious difference between herbal medicine with modern medicine is in its ingredients. Herbal medicine uses a variety of herbs that are directly taken from nature. While modern medicines produces from compounds of synthetic chemicals. Therefore, the rate of side effects when using herb is relatively very small compared with modern medicine.
    What are the categories of Natural Medicines ?
  • Natural Medicines products in Indonesia are categorized into three categories, namely:

  • 1. Jamu (Empirical based herba lmedicine)
    Jamu is a traditional medicine provided traditionally, which contains the entire plant material into constituent herbal medicine, hygiene (contamination-free) and is used traditionally. Jamu criteria, namely:
    - Safe
    - Claim efficacy based on empirical data
    - Meet the requirements of the applicable quality

  • 2. Standardized Herbal medicine (Scientific based herbal medicine)
    It is a traditional medicine derived from extracts of plant materials, animal or mineral. It is necessary to test the pre-clinical standard for scientific evidence regarding efficacious ingredients, standardized plant extract manufacture of drugs, drug manufacturing standards of hygiene and acute - chronic toxicity test. Standardized Herbal Medicine criteria, namely:
    - Safe
    - Scientific claim through preclinical test
    - Meet the requirements of the applicable quality
    - Standardized raw materials used in the finished product

  • 3. Phytopharmaca (Clinical Based Herbal Medicine) It is a natural medicines that have been proven safety and scientifically useful with preclinical testing and clinical trials as well as the raw material in the finished product has been standardized. Phytopharmaca criteria are:
    - Safe
    - Scientific claim through preclinical and clinical test
    - Meet the requirements of the applicable quality
    - Standardized raw materials used in the finished product
  • Is it true that when a person drinks herbal medicine, it can cause precipitation in the kidney?
    This is a wrong statement. All the food that enters the body will be digested and absorbed, but the rest are not digestible will be issued with stool (faeces). Deposition in the kidney can be formed when excess amounts of food consumed, such as chemical drugs, herbs, calcium, vitamins, etc. so that the natural discharge mechanism is insufficient. Therefore, we are often advised to drink lots of water to help the kidneys work. Everything's that too much is certainly will not gives benefit, but quite the opposite.
    How do I judge whether I am fat or not ?
    A simple way to determine whether you have overweight / obese or not is by calculating the BMI (Body Mass Index).
    The formula of the BMI = weight (kg) / (heights (m) x height (m))

    According to BMI classification table (for adults above 20 years):
    - Underweight score < 18
    - Normal score 18 - 25
    - Overweigh score 25 - 30
    - Obesity score 30 - 40
    - Severe overweight score > 40
    Why some women feel pain during their period ?
    Pain during menstruation (cramps) is due to the increasing of prostaglandin hormone which cause uterine muscles to contract. This pain will usually decrease with greater age. Mild exercise in this time can reduce to relieve the pain because exercise will make your body to release endorphine hormone that make the body feel more comfortable.