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A little story about us ..
  • 1952 was the year when we started everything. We started the expertise of our business on making traditional herb since we've managed our drugstore "Sehat" in the middle of Magelang city. Although we just have practical traditional technology for producing and developing our powder, we always have big confidence to make a better and innovative product because of our customers trust. Finally, we managed to establish a herb home industry in 1980

  • From time to time we always improve the quality and technology in our products. We do research and a lot of experiments to produce the highest quality for our customers satisfaction. Based on the research carried out in 1990, we produced our first and legendary product line in form of extracted tablet and pill. We called these products as MERIT.

  • MERIT product line were succesfully marketed in the early of 1992 and we got very satisfying respond from our costumers. These positive responds have been encouraged us to started our herb factory in 1994, which today known as PT. CAPUNG INDAH ABADI (also known as SARI SEHAT Herbal Medicine Industry)

  • Started from the bottom, now we are on top. Sari Sehat Herbal Medicine Industry is one of the best herbal company in Indonesia and since 2006, our products are consistently awarded as the best herbal product on the market. You can read the list of our achievement and awards here. We also have much more varieties in our herbal products line which can be use as safe traditional medicines. We also do not use animal testing in our production and testing cycle, simply because we love nature.

Products and Ingredients

We produced our eco-friendly products using many rich natural ingredients. These products are made from chosen herbs which developed by modern technologies and strict quality control in order to produce safe, useful, and excellent products. We always innovate and deliver the best from the nature to our customers. For details of each products and its ingredients, please check our product list page and click on one of them to see the details. There is explanation of each product's ingredients and the description.

Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision
Healthy by Nature, SARI SEHAT Herbal Medicine Industry choose “Back to Nature” approach in every movement because nature has provided ingredients, which can be used as medicines. It has been our commitment to customize traditional medicine to get healthy by nature

Our Mission

  • ∴ Giving a nature alternative cure and providing traditional medicines using high qualified modern technology with reachable price
  • ∴ The increase of people awareness in taking care of their health and the tendency to choose alternative cure methods that relatively more safe motivated us to develop traditional medicine with natural ingredients, which its special virtues have been proved from generation to generation. To meet the demand of traditional medicine which has been increase from time to time, Sari Sehat Herbal Medicine Industry runs on total quality management in line with the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and ISO 9001-2008 Certificate. We use high technology modern machines and strict quality control to make a safe, useful, quaranteed and excellent products
  • ∴ Scientists in Sari Sehat Herbal Medicine Industry have been doing research and scientific examination to determine the appropriate ingredients and the right dosage for every product

Product Distribution

Sari Sehat products are distributed in all regions across Indonesia and have been the best national brand for years in a row since 2006. We also distribute our products to the international market like Sweden, Russia, Saudi Arabia Taiwan, Hongkong, Malaysia, Brunei, and Singapore. Feel free to find our official distributor addresses on this page.

Our Employees

In Sari Sehat, we have more than 100 people working for production and marketing staff. We respect and treat each other as one big family. If you want to take a tour or pay a visit to our company, please make sure you make the right appointment with us. Please use our contact page to communicate with our dedicated staff.

Workspace & Facilities

Workspace in Sari Sehat office and factory is a very nice, welcome, warm place to work. In Sari Sehat, we trust, help, and support each other as one big family. Our facilities are equipped with modern and certified machineries to produce the finest product for our customer. Our discipline and commitment in working processes which according to ISO 9001-2008 and GMP always increase our confidence to be the best and trustworthy company.

Achievement & Awards

For almost every years in row (since 2006) Sari Sehat is consistenty awarded and acknowledged as one of the best herbal company in Indonesia. These awards are the result of our existence and dedication in our expertise:

Years Award / Achievement
Since 2005 ISO 9001-2008 Certification
2006 Indonesia Best Brand Award (IBBA) for slimmer category
2007 Indonesia Best Brand Award (IBBA) for slimmer category
2008 IBBA Gold for slimmer category
2009 IBBA Best Brand Gold for slimmer category
2010 IBBA Best Brand Platinum for slimmer category
2011 Top Brand for slimmer category
2012 Top Brand for slimmer category
2012 IBBA Best Brand Platinum for slimmer category
2013 Top Brand for slimmer category
2013 IBBA Best Brand Platinum for slimmer category
Sari Sehat products are already got halal certification on these following products: Merit Pill, Merit Plus, Merit Tea, Mediven, Oradiar, Capung Herbal Pastilles, and Mathuk. We also get a CPOTB (Cara Pembuatan Obat Tradisional yang Baik) / GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) acknowledgement for production of tablet, capsule, liquid for oral use, liquid for external use, and also effervescent powder.